Top 7 Guest Posting Sites for Health and Wellness Niches

Because you are so passionate about health and well-being, do you want to share your knowledge with a larger audience? Increase your readership, establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and build valuable relationships in the wellness industry by writing guest pieces.

This tutorial will look at the top 7 guest posting platforms specifically tailored for health and wellness lovers like you.  These sites provide the ideal venue for showcasing your knowledge and improving the general well-being of readers everywhere, from mindfulness to natural living.

Exploring the Top 7 Guest Posting Sites

Wellness Mama

For natural living, clean eating, and holistic health, Wellness Mama is a reliable web resource. Wellness Mama was created by wellness activist and six-time mother, Katie Wells. It provides a wealth of materials, including tools, recipes, and articles, to assist people in leading better lives.

Instructions for Submission: well-being Mama welcomes writers who are enthusiastic about holistic health to participate as visitors. Read their submission requirements thoroughly and follow the directions on their website to submit a guest article.

Audience: This includes parents, wellness lovers, and health-conscious people interested in wellness and seeking practical guidance and recommendations for living a more natural and sustainable existence.


In addition to focusing on personal development, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness, the well-known lifestyle brand MindBodyGreen also stresses health and wellbeing. MindBodyGreen provides readers with a wealth of knowledge to empower them on their health journeys, which aligns with its objective of encouraging people to live their best lives.


Healthline is a globally recognized and trustworthy health website providing millions of users with evidence-based health tools and information. It offers various services under its wellness section, including nutrition, mental health, and preventive care.

Process for Submission: Healthline accepts guest post submissions from qualified writers with experience covering wellness and health-related topics.  To get started, read their contributor criteria, introduce your concept for an article, and adhere to their posting guidelines.

Viewership: People looking for trustworthy health information, doable recommendations, and valuable pointers to enhance their well-being make up the Healthline viewership.


Greatist encourages and empowers users to make better decisions in life. The website is about health and wellness. Greatist offers abundant resources, including articles, films, and tools, that highlight inclusivity and positivity and can assist readers in achieving well-being.

Submission Procedure: Writers with distinctive viewpoints and insights on wellness and health-related subjects are invited to contribute as guests on Greatist. Examine their submission requirements, submit your content for review, and propose your article idea.

Audience: Those interested in fitness, health, and motivation for leading a better, more fulfilling life would find Greatist appealing.

Tiny Buddha

Mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth are the main topics of this community-driven website, Tiny Buddha. To facilitate the exchange of thoughts, information, and first-hand experiences about mental health and well-being, Lori Deschene founded Tiny Buddha.

How Submissions Are Made: Compose an insightful, moving article to pique the curiosity of Tiny Buddha’s readers and inspire them to submit a guest post. Check their submission requirements before submitting your work using their web form.

Audience: People looking for encouragement, direction, and support on their path to greater contentment and pleasure make up Tiny Buddha’s audience.

Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal is a mindful media platform committed to holistic health and sustainable and conscious living. It offers articles, podcasts, and films that inspire readers to live more purposeful, mindful lives, with a particular focus on honesty.

Application Process: Writers interested in wellness, sustainability, and mindfulness are welcome to submit guest pieces to Elephant Journal. Examine their criteria for contributors, then send in your essay using their website for review.

Readers interested in spiritual development, environmental advocacy, and conscious living should read Elephant Journal.

Thrive Global

To assist people and companies in realizing their most tremendous potential and putting an end to the epidemic of stress and burnout, Arianna Huffington established Thrive Global. To help readers succeed in today’s fast-paced world, Fucceed Global emphasizes productivity, resilience, and well-being while providing science-based tactics and insights.

Submission Procedure: Contributors are asked to be guests on Thrive Global if they can offer intelligent analysis and helpful advice on performance and well-being-related themes. To get started, review their qualifications for contributors, submit your article idea, and adhere to their submission guidelines.

People who wish to acquire more effective stress management techniques, boost their productivity, and enhance their general well-being make up the target audience for Thrive Global.

In conclusion


Where can I look for opportunities to guest write in health and wellness?

You can find opportunities for guest posting by making direct inquiries and exploring health and wellness-related blogs and websites.  Additionally, you can use online forums and communities that link authors with opportunities for guest posting.

What should I consider when approaching websites with ideas for guest posts?

Before pitching guest post ideas, you should be well-versed in the website’s content, tone, and audience preferences. Make your pitch specific to the website’s audience and niche, emphasizing how your idea for an article will benefit their readers.

How can I improve the visibility of my guest post and raise its chances of being accepted?

To increase the chance that your guest post will be accepted, create original, excellent content that gives readers essential insights and pointers. Create a title and introduction that attract the reader’s attention to ensure your work is well-written, captivating, and error-free.

I want to write a guest article. Can I incorporate links to my website or blog?

A brief author bio and a link to their website or blog are permitted on many websites for guest writers. It’s crucial to abide by the website’s linking policies and refrain from overtly promoting yourself in the article’s body.

What is the usual turnaround time for publishing a guest post after submitting it?

The editorial procedure of the website and the volume of entries received determine how long it takes for a guest post to be published. Guest posts can be printed on some websites in days or weeks, while they might take longer on others. If a suitable amount of time has passed and you have not heard back, check in with the website again.

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